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60 capsules– two months supply

Within 20 Minutes Promotes:

• Whole-body energetics (maximum strength!)
• Whole-body recovery (kicks in at night)
• Organ and tissue protection
• Activation of all immune cells
• Antiviral, anti-retroviral, anti-bacterial defenses
• Feedforward adaptive learning in brain’s stress response (Google it!)
• Long-term regulatory support



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NSF Certified for Sport®



60 capsules– two months supply

Within 20 Minutes Promotes:

• Activation of all immune cells
• Antiviral, anti-retroviral, anti-bacterial defenses
• Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant additional support
• Whole-body energetics & recovery
• Feedforward adaptive learning in brain’s stress response (Google it!)
• Long-term regulatory support
• Long-term organ and tissue protection



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NSF Certified for Sport®

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. [read more…]

When you purchase SignalomTM brand products that have been Certified for Sport®, specifically Signalom Active and Signalom Pro-Sport, you can be confident that its contents have been rigorously tested and certified by one of the most respected certifiers in the world. In addition to lot-by-lot testing for over 272 athletic banned substances, including steroids and stimulants, products bearing the Certified for Sport® mark on the package must be produced in a manufacturing facility that is inspected twice per year. The product is also tested for harmful levels of contaminants, such as heavy metals or fraudulent ingredients.

Certified for Sport® is the only independent third-party certification program recognized by MLB, the MLB Players Association, the NHL and the CFL. The certification is also recommended by the NFL, PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA and other professional sports and anti-doping agencies. For additional information, visit www.nsfsport.com.



Signalom™-- How and Why it Works:

Imagine playing your favorite video game for years and one day suddenly finding a secret level that gives you great powers– you go on to conquer your world with confidence and ease.  The secret level was always there, you just didn’t know how to access it.  “If only I had known earlier!”

Signalom™ products are designed to trigger to action your immune and regulatory systems in vigorous support of homeostasis, and then to further activate long-term adaptive responses that optimize homeostasis.  These benefits already exist within each one of us and are built-in to our DNA– we just need to activate them with the proper trigger.

Your pre-activated and fortified immune system is much more difficult for any pathogen to infect.

With our immunity preconditioning formulas, Signalom™ gives you the ability to engage and conquer immune challenges before they become challenges.

Signalom™ is quite simply the biohack of the century:

For those that want maximum strength formula, Signalom™ means adaptive, pre-protection of organs and tissue, maximum energy, more complete recovery and of course adaptive protection against immune challenges.

With regular strength formula, you get whole-body immune activation before immune challenges even occur, additional energy, adaptive protection against future immune challenges, and the peace of mind in knowing that that you have significantly fortified and optimized your homeostasis.

Stress, lack of sleep, overwork, and exhaustion can all reduce available oxygen to cells which reduces energy and suppresses immunity.  Athletes build strength with intensive exercising, but this depletes available oxygen in cells and tissues that, until recovery, suppresses immunity.  When pathogens invade, oxygen levels in cells are depleted as our cells battle with the invaders for oxygen and nutrients.  Some pathogens actually induce low oxygen conditions specifically to delay and suppress our immune response.  You might be surprised to learn that most immune challenges quickly lead to low oxygen tensions in cells, tissues and organs.  As we age, all of these oxygen & energy related challenges become more difficult as our ability to respond with speed and vigor is reduced.

Your body has a built-in fix, all triggered by one signal that initiates more than 100 actions designed to quickly restore oxygen to cells, provides access to energy reserves that we all have, additionally creates energy that doesn’t require oxygen, and adds protection for all of our organs and tissues.  Triggering these beneficial actions fortifies our immunity and vigorously supports homeostasis no matter your age.

The natural trigger for all of these actions happens to be the most energetically powerful substrate in the Krebs cycle called succinate which signals both local cells and the brain to action.  Succinate is the only metabolite in our body known to perform this absolutely vital function.

Signalom™ formulas are based upon natural succinate metabolites signalling local tissues and the brain to action within 20 minutes.  Once activated by succinate, immune cells will engage more quickly and with more energy.  Once activated by succinate, the hypothalamus in the brain exerts necessary whole-body coordination to anticipate and respond to challenges.  Pre-activated cells are much less susceptible to pathogen invasion.

Could it possibly get any better?  Yes!  Research has shown that in as little as 7-14 days, daily succinate supplements can help restore sensitivity in the hypothalamus lost due to aging.  This is HUGE, especially for seniors, as pre-activated immune systems can engage more quickly when pathogen loads are low.

The secret to using succinate as a supplement is quite simply to only briefly trigger the brain and tissues to action, and then get out of the way so fortified homeostasis can direct our immune systems and stress responses in concert with one another as necessary.

Especially important for the challenges we face today, Signalom™ is the biohack of the century for both young and old.

Choose the product or combination that works best for you.  Many people find that Signalom™ PRO-SPORT works best on especially stressful days, for heavy workout, or competition when maximum energy and recovery are most important, and Signalom™ ACTIVE works best on more normal days.  Either way, you get all 100 beneficial actions including pre-activated, whole-body immunity boost beginning within 20 minutes.

Be healthy, be strong–  no matter the challenge!


How does succinate boost immunity?

♦  When pathogens invade, available oxygen is quickly used by resident and circulating immune cells to create energy to powers our many defenses

♦  As oxygen supplies quickly decrease, a signal is sent to neighboring cells and to the brain to activate the low-oxygen protocol wired into each cell’s DNA

♦  The low-oxygen protocol involves more than 100 genetic actions including multi-level immune support to infected tissue areas, and additional energy to immune cells

♦  Within 20 minutes, practically all cells become activated, and activated cells are much more resistant to pathogen invasion

♦  The signaling molecule is succinate

Why is oxygen important in immunity?

♦  Immune cells use inflammation to kill pathogens

♦  Inflammation requires energy and most cellular energy is made using oxygen

♦  Many types of immune challenges can quickly deplete cellular oxygen

♦  In almost all cases, the first and most important order of business is to restore cellular oxygen and energy

What makes up the immune system?

♦  In general, there are two parts to the human immune system: innate (or broad-spectrum) and adaptive.

♦  Innate immune cells are found both in circulating blood and in tissues and are the first to engage pathogens, normally within several hours or up to several days after infection when the pathogen load is low

♦  Innate immune cells lack the ability to specifically identify pathogens, they just know that it is not one of ours and must be destroyed; dead pathogens are ultimately transported to the thymus gland where innate and adaptive immunity meet.

♦  After obtaining the specific pathogen information from innate immune cells in the thymus gland, adaptive immune cells are subjected to rigorous training in order to quickly learn how to recognize and kill the pathogen and not confuse it with our own cells; upon successful training, new adaptive immune cells are mass produced, called ‘clonal expansion,’ normally taking around 4-7 days after infection.

How are Signalom™ products different than vitamins and other supplements?

Metabolites are either the compounds used in metabolism, or can also be the product of metabolism.  Primary metabolites are compounds that are synthesized in cells and are necessary for the survival and growth of the cell.  Signalom formulations contain primary metabolites and, in some cases, include specific vitamins by design to perform specific functions.

Vitamins and minerals are organic compounds that cannot be synthesized in the body and are used as functional parts of enzymes in metabolism.

Biological sciences tell us that there are more than 40,000 identified metabolites in humans. Of these, only succinate metabolites are directly involved in ATP (energy) production and cellular signaling (electron transport chain).  Signalom products are all based upon succinic acid and it’s relevant salts (succinates).  Our Signalom™ formulations are all uniquely effective and patent protected.

Signalom™ products introduce naturally occurring metabolites that initiate and inhibit specific cascade reactions in mitochondria, cells and bio-systems. These specific cascade reactions support performance, recovery, signaling, regulatory, cardio, cognitive and CNS functions.  Signalom products also include actual geroprotectors and antioxidant groups.  The quantities involved are designed to induce a cooperative, cascade effect, as opposed to a stand-alone function.  In this way, natural processes are supported or enhanced, not replaced.

The metabolite-vitamin formulas in Signalom™ Pro-Sport, Signalom™ Active and coming soon Signalom™ Sentinel, have been separated by design so as not to metabolically compete with each other.

How were Signalom™ products tested?

Signalom™ products contain naturally occurring metabolites.

More than 450 volunteers including Olympic athletes, professional athletes, high-level amateur athletes and non-athlete adult volunteers were tested utilizing double-blind, placebo controlled human trials (considered the ‘gold standard’ of clinical trials). This means that neither the participant nor the attending researcher knew who was given a placebo and who was given the supplement. Results were then calculated using standardized clinical methodology to determine statistical significance.

Throughout our entire testing period (3+ years) and among all volunteers, no adverse side effects were noted.


Activate Biophysics Corp. is a privately held technology company incorporated in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since 2015, the Company’s founders commissioned testing and human trials for a unique, non-toxic and highly effective line of dietary supplements. The Company was formed to bring these products to market in North America, the EU and Asia. The Company has applied for patent protection for all of its unique formulations.

The mission of the Company is to develop, manufacture and market non-toxic, highly effective dietary supplements throughout the world. Our vision is to become the world’s primary supplier of biophysics-based dietary supplements.

In accordance with our mission statement, the Company is currently developing a pipeline of additional non-toxic and highly effective products and supplements to help provide our customers (and ourselves) with optimum health.

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