How are Signalom™ products different than vitamins and other supplements?

Metabolites are either the compounds used in metabolism, or can also be the product of metabolism.  Primary metabolites are compounds that are synthesized in cells and are necessary for the survival and growth of the cell.  Signalom formulations contain primary metabolites and, in some cases, include specific vitamins by design to perform specific functions.

Vitamins and minerals are organic compounds that cannot be synthesized in the body and are used as functional parts of enzymes in metabolism.

Biological sciences tell us that there are more than 40,000 identified metabolites in humans. Of these, only succinate metabolites are directly involved in ATP (energy) production and cellular signaling (electron transport chain).  Signalom products are all based upon succinic acid and it’s relevant salts (succinates).  Our Signalom™ formulations are all uniquely effective and patent protected.

Signalom™ products introduce naturally occurring metabolites that initiate and inhibit specific cascade reactions in mitochondria, cells and bio-systems. These specific cascade reactions support performance, recovery, signaling, regulatory, cardio, cognitive and CNS functions.  Signalom products also include actual geroprotectors and antioxidant groups.  The quantities involved are designed to induce a cooperative, cascade effect, as opposed to a stand-alone function.  In this way, natural processes are supported or enhanced, not replaced.

The metabolite-vitamin formulas in Signalom™ Pro-Sport, Signalom™ Active and coming soon Signalom™ Sentinel, have been separated by design so as not to metabolically compete with each other.