Is Signalom™ Pro-Sport an immunity booster?

Yes! In fact, both products are immune boosting.

There are two groups of benefits in both of our succinate formulas:

  1. Primarily energetics, recovery, Cori cycle, oxygen efficiency
  2. Regulatory, organ and tissue protection

Both groups of benefits are absolutely necessary to effectively fortify your immune systems. Signalom™ Pro-Sport accentuates primarily the first group of energetics benefits, while Signalom™ Active accentuates more the second group of benefits by adding in antioxidant activators.

Both products incorporate aspects of both groups of benefits.

Some people get confused by the name—and understandably so!  When we first researched, formulated and began marketing these products, we knew that there were two groups of benefits activated by our formulas.  We decided to market the supplements for their energetics benefits as sports and activity supplements—and we named the products accordingly.  Later, we came to understand that many people were most interesting in the immunity boosting benefits, but the sports and activity names stuck!

Regardless of the name, the two groups of benefits combine to initiate a cascade of more than 100 beneficial actions that naturally provide you with a well-coordinated, responsive immunity boost within 20 minutes.

If you need a strong boost in the energetics and recovery, take Signalom™ Pro-Sport.  If you’re not risking overly intensive activity, you might prefer a bit more of the antioxidant action, take Signalom™ Active. Often, people mix the two taking Signalom™ Pro-Sport on heavy work or intensive exercise days, and taking Signalom™ Active on all other days.