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60 capsules– two months supply

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Within 20 Minutes Promotes:

[for 2-3 hrs.] First window of benefits– high energetics availability including:

  • Horsepower energy: the addition of anaerobic energy generation is up to 10 times faster than your normal aerobic energy generation.  When combined using succinate, your mixed metabolic state provides powerful energetics for the many different cellular and system functions.
  • Ketone energy reserve access in your liver– researchers estimate your reserve to be around 2,000 calories.
  • Neuro-muscular accuracy: Your brain uses more energy than any other organ in the body and is extremely sensitive to low oxygen.  Succinate metabolites account for greater blood flow to the brain and more efficient use of oxygen in every cell which is especially important when you are fatigued helping you make better, faster, more accurate athletic decisions, and helping you to prevent injury.
  • Gluconeogenesis: Your whole-body activated Cori cycle quickly converts lactate (and some amino acids) back to glucose energy for use in your exercising muscles or in your brain.

[for up to 48 hrs.] Second window of benefits– multi-function regulatory support including:

  • HIF (hypoxia inducible factor) and NRF2 (nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor), are arguably two of the most powerful, natural genetic triggers each activating more than 100 genetic actions.  Succinate activates HIF with a brief signal, and HIF activates NRF2.  Within 20 minutes, all immune cells are activated and all organs and tissues acquire additional support.  Activated cells  vigorously support homeostasis against multiple pathogen and other immune challenges.  Coronaviruses, like all retroviruses, find it very difficult to survive and multiply if antioxidant systems in cells are activated.
  • Rapid recovery: The Cori cycle continues to work efficiently once your muscle activity has ceased as your liver continues to convert lactate and to restore your oxygen levels and ketones (lactic acid remains elevated in your post-exercise recovery). At night, depleted energy reserves are restored.
  • Microbiota and intestinal mucosa: soon after ingestion, succinate promotes the formation of regulators in your gut that support activity for your various organs and systems including–
  • Liver: an increase in your liver function due to activation of the Cori cycle provides additional support for your increased muscle and brain activities.
  • Heart: The activation of heart buffering mechanisms during heavy exercise often leads athletes to report a lower training heart rate and without loss of power.
  • Central Nervous System: Succinate metabolites utilize neurotransmitters in your gut-brain axis to activate SCNR1 receptors and control calcium ion channels in your neurons. Calcium ion signaling in your brain is known to bring about a positive mood in many people.
  • Brain: Once activated by succinate metabolites, your hypothalamus continues to exert positive influence on all of your organs and bio-systems.  While sensitivity to succinate in the brain can diminish with age, studies have shown that even a short course of succinate metabolites used as per instructions can improve the sensitivity of body’s primary stress response controller, the hypothalamus.  Rapid engagement of the hypothalamus promotes robust homeostasis.
  • Anti-inflammatory action: Signalom™ Active includes additional metabolites and substrates that support your own anti-inflammatory mechanisms (i.e. does not replace your anti-inflammatory mechanisms, rather supports them).  NRF2 activation (see above) directly supports your body’s powerful anti-inflammatory mechanisms.
  • Antioxidant action: Signalom™ Active includes additional metabolites and substrates that support your own antioxidant mechanisms.  Coronaviruses, like all retroviruses, find it very difficult to survive and multiply if antioxidant systems in cells are activated.

NOTE: Signalom™ products quickly and effectively metabolize in your gut microbiota and intestinal mucosa. Most people notice various positive effects soon afterwards. If you feel that your effects with this product are muted, consider adding in a good probiotic.

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