Succinate maximizes power, recovery, immunity and stress response

• There are 40,000 known metabolites in the human body that are involved in metabolism
• Succinate is known to be the most energetically powerful metabolite in our mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell
• Succinate is the only metabolite that is both an energy producer in mitochondria and a signaling molecule to the brain
• When cells come under stress involving reduced oxygen (there are hundreds of stressors that include low oxygen including infectious diseases, Central Nervous System dysfunctions, energy depletion, depression and many more), succinate signals the brain to corrective action
• With age, the brain looses sensitivity to succinate which delays the immune response, and delays the stress response
• Signalom supplements are formulated with succinate metabolites and other beneficial ingredients and are approved in the USA and internationally
• One capsule is enough to activate all cells within 20 minutes, including all immune cells, the HPA axis, the gut-brain axis and the Cori cycle
• If you weigh more than 80 kgs (~180 lbs.) take two capsules, monitor your reaction; however most often one capsule is enough